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3 SativR

ger Deutschland
Current Team
Season 13
Januar 21, 1995


Hi, my name is Niko better known under my ingame-alias SativR and I am currently the IGL for TDS.

I am playing competetive team counterstrike for about three years now and CS in genereal for more than five years.
First I started with a group of friends in late 2016 where we went under the name of „420NoScope“.
This lineup started as friends, we even played one LAN Event together, but due to different motivation and skill level we needed to change two players.
After two seasons we got contacted by „Eyes On U“ in late 2017 who asked if we want to join there academy team.
Of course we said yes and I played three seasons (and a forth as standin – personal reasons, not because of bad performance!)
until EOU closed there doors due to sponsoring issues.
We got hold of our Division 3 Slot and played Season 11 a lot looser with next to no practice and finished the season below my personal expectations.
So I did a big step and left the core of our team that I had played with for almost two and a half years.
I found my new home in „TDS-eSport“ and ever since I joined my new teammates my motivition and also my performance improved a lot.
Our first LAN Event together was promising as we played some of the bigger names in the scene and gained a lot of experience.
The 99damage season unfortunately ended with a unlucky loss in the relegation, partly due to different motivation and time investment.
Because of this and one of our players leaving we recruted new players, one of them beeing my long time teammate MountN,
and set our goal of finally reaching Division 2 !

Outside of esports I am a passionated swimmer, I sometimes go for a run and like to go for long walks with my friends. Also I like to drink the Bier !


SaisonMannschaftK/DADRKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioPPG
Season 13TDS-eSport1149912595181.320

Komplette Karriere

SaisonK/DADRKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioPPG
Season 131149912595181.320

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