After the promotion to Division 2 of the 99Damage League, there is no break for our CS:GO team.
Tomorrow the new ESEA SEASON will finally start and this time we will be there.

In the following years our teams played very often in the ESEA League and could take very positive results with them.
Season 32 was one of the best moments for our club because our CS:GO team could qualify for the ESEA Main.


The start into Season 34 will be through Open-League for our team. In this season we see, however, that very strong and new teams have registered in the League.
Registered teams for the season in the Open amounts, 667.

Click here for the table:

Tomorrow on 27.04.2020 at 19:30, our first game against a Danish team starts. In the ESEA the teams will play a BO1 and so they can play many games in one day, because at 21:30 our CS:GO team will play one more game against a French team.


According to the rules the playoffs will be played on June 14th and the promotion would let us play in the next season, intermediate.

Our team has the necessary potential to make a promotion this season.
The league structure looks like this:

It’s a feasible way which will be difficult of course but nothing is impossible and we believe and hope that we will see a good season.