Unfortunately we ended a very exciting and successful season with some bad luck.

Our two CS:GO teams made it to the relegation.
With a lot of training and ambition we went into this relegation with only one goal, promotion!

But as is sometimes the case, not everything goes as planned.
Our main CS:GO team, which played in division 3.10 and went into this relegation round with 11/3 as the leader of the table, made it into the 3rd round.

The games all took place in a B03, which of course cost our players a lot of energy and concentration.
In the 3rd round we lost against a mix team.
The team had decided for Dust2 and was very strong at the beginning, could take the long control on the T-side and surprised us every time very strongly at the A-spot.

We had made very important and good laps, but unfortunately we couldn’t win on this map.
After we went to our Map-Pick Nuke, we wanted to win this map and go to the third map.
With a really strong first half it started for us with 12:3 in the second half, which we imagined completely differently.
Unfortunately we could only win 1 round in the second half and lose the whole game with 16:13.

Now we were in the lower league and still had all chances to make it into Division 2.
In the lower bracket we played in the next round against Ryzing-Gaming where we beat you 2:1.
Now our opponent was Team Leisure against whom we would have to give everything to reach the final.

The game had already announced in advance to become a really strong game.
Both teams were able to win their card selections and show us another exciting third card.

In the third map, our team lost 12-3 in the first half, but could experience a comeback due to a bombastic T-Side that led us into extra time.
In extra time we could not win any more and lost 16:19 and went as a proud loser out of this relegation.

We will think a lot about our mistakes, but also about our successes and focus now on the VAL League and ESLM Qualifer, said the ingame leader SativR.

Unfortunately our CS:GO Academy Team could not qualify for the relegation to Division 3 and has to start in the next 99Damage S14 in the 4th Division.